2016 Rent Subsidy Program for Businesses

Aurora Downtown Rent Subsidy Program
Build your business in downtown Aurora. Aurora Downtown’s Business Attraction and Retention Committee (BAR) announces its 2016 rental assistance program to help bring businesses to the city center. 
What is the program?
It’s a rent subsidy program worth up to $6,000 to encourage and support new businesses to locate in downtown Aurora.
What are the goals of the program?
We are looking for new business start-ups as well as established businesses who want to move or open a second location in downtown Aurora.
What do we want you to know about the rent program?
This is a rent subsidy program in its second year worth up to $6,000 or $6 per square foot per year, whichever is less. The program is intended to help a business get established during its first year, which can be the most challenging time period for a new business. It is for new, first-year tenants only. The funds are for businesses seeking a ground-level location with a visible storefront.
How do you apply for assistance from the new program?
There are some requirements and restrictions, but nothing arduous if you are serious about launching your business in downtown Aurora. For further information, contact Bob Reuland at bobreuland@gmail.com.
What if I already own a business in downtown Aurora?
We are also offering other financial assistance to companies in downtown Aurora, who are needing help growing their businesses through marketing or other programs. For further information, contact Bob Reuland at bobreuland@gmail.com.
Learn more. Download an informational PDF.