One-Way until December in Downtown Aurora

Pavement marking and traffic signal installation have begun for the conversion of several Aurora streets from one-way to two-way operation. However, motorists should be aware that the streets are still one-way streets until next month.

Galena Boulevard and New York Street
On east-west thoroughfares Galena Boulevard and New York Street, the pavement has been marked for new two-way traffic.   Galena will become two-way from Broadway to Ohio St. and New York will become two-way from Broadway to Smith Blvd.

However, each street is still just one way, with traffic reduced to just one lane on each street. The single lane allows crews to complete work and helps drivers become accustomed to driving in what will be the correct lane when the streets begin operating in both directions.

Weather permitting, both Galena Boulevard and New York Street will open as two-way streets in December.

River Street and Lake Street
Both River Street and Lake Street – from Gale Street to New York Street – will also open to two-way north-south traffic. Pavement markings are nearly complete and new traffic signals will soon be installed on both thoroughfares.  Again, both are still currently one-way streets with an expected conversion to two-way in December, weather permitting.

Signs along all four streets will alert drivers to the change in traffic patterns in the days prior to the start of two-way operation. During these final transitional periods, motorists are asked to drive safely and remain alert to changes in traffic patterns. Watch for signs posted through the corridors for the most up-to-date information.