Leland Legends Opens to Great Fanfare in Downtown Aurora

Leland Legends

Leland Legends is now open in downtown Aurora. On the first floor of the historic Leland Tower, the new blues-themed restaurant serves up a complete dinner menu in a comfortable atmosphere.

Leland Legends 2

Run by Karademas Hospitality, Leland Legends at 1 S. Stolp Ave. pays homage to the blues music that was recorded in the former Sky Club at the top of the 22-story skyscraper. Each table features rotating placemats that tell stories of the history.

Leland Legends 3

Burgers and fries are a specialty at Leland Legends. There are several burgers to choose from on the menu, but the Stolp Island Burger for $12.72 is a clever option. That’s what Joseph Stolp paid for the island in 1848.

Leland Legends 4

The blues decor brings smiles to local Aurorans. The multi-level restaurant allows patrons to sit back and relax while enjoying blues music on the speakers.

Leland Legends 5

A freshly remodeled bar brightens up the restaurant that had former lives as Midtown Pub, Dirty Duck, and Muddy Duck. A full bar including draft beers and a cocktail called the Aurora Borealis is available. The menu boasts fish and chips, nachos, fried pickles, and more.

Leland Legends is open daily starting at 4 p.m. More info here.