Inside Downtown: SciTech Hands On Museum

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Take a tour of SciTech Hands On Museum with us.

SciTech Hands On Museum is located in the old US Post Office at 18 W. Benton St. in downtown Aurora. Its focus is on science and technology, but the museum educates through all 5 STEAM principles: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.


Museum director Arlene Hawks has roots in performing arts and brings a creative edge to the museum. Children from SciTech Academy, the museum’s STEM school, play in the background.


Primary colors are throughout the museum’s three floors and more than 200 hands on exhibits.


Videos of augmented reality sandboxes have gone viral online. Visitors can experience it in person at SciTech.


Science is more than the abstract at SciTech. All ages can learn through realistic exhibits of abstract concepts.


Visitors can zoom into Google Earth and find their house, school, and neighborhood.


A creative on the SciTech building team, Gaiter Tee, built the new Lego Corner on the museum’s first floor.


A real stormchaser vehicle! Visitors can peek inside and view the equipment needed to chase a storm.


Science is fun! SciTech encourages fun for all ages with dozens of exhibits that both children and adults can enjoy.


Learning and science is everywhere at SciTech Museum.


Visit SciTech’s lower level for more exhibits. SciTech has three levels of hands on exhibits.


Space Travels is a newer exhibit in the lower level of SciTech. Go on a sci-fi adventure and learn about planets and more.




An entire room is dedicated to learning about light. It’s a field trip favorite.



Another newer exhibit on the lower level is Ancient Times Tech, a look into ancient Egypt.


Enter SciTech’s pyramid and explore ancient life through hands on activities.


Visitors can enter SciTech’s sarcophagus – it really opens!


Editor’s note: This is my favorite exhibit in SciTech. Parents and children can play a game of sticks, and it’s like a mini Field Museum in this recreated tomb with items on display and activities for children.


Learn your name in hieroglyphics and write on the walls in chalk.


Kids love the weaving exhibit.


Where can you compost in Aurora? At SciTech! SciTech educates school children and visitors about composting and where their trash goes.


SciTech’s lunchroom features educational murals by Gaiter Tee.


Meinstein is a favorite character that appears around SciTech to teach science.


Don’t leave without a bouncy ball!


SciTech features a SteaMart with educational gifts, toys, handmade greeting cards, and more. It’s a great place to pick up a birthday gift.


SciTech is open Tues–Fri: 10AM until 3PM and Saturdays: 10AM until 4PM. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Admission is$8 General Public ages 4-59; $6 Military & Seniors 60+; and free for children ages 3 years and younger. SciTech is located at 18 W. Benton St. in downtown Aurora just east of River Street. It is perfect for all ages and features a designated playroom for young children.