First Fridays featured artist: Andy Christopoulos

Andy Christopoulos


Andy Christopoulos is opening “Explorations” at Allen + Pepa Architects on June 5 as part of First Fridays in Downtown Aurora.


“I’m an explorer and artist.”


Q: Where did you grow up, and who was the first person to inspire you?


A: I grew up with my mother and twin sister in Chicago and Skokie, IL.


The first person to inspire me, in life and art, was my uncle Michael Henning. He introduced me to great music, art, and design. He continues to inspire everyday.


Q: What do you tell people when they ask you what you do?


A: When people ask me to define myself by what I do I tell them, “I’m an explorer and artist.”


Q: What are you most proud of creatively?


A: I am very proud, and honored, to have had the opportunity to design the Ashley White-Stumpf Memorial, at Fort Bragg. She was an amazing woman who gave her life in service to us and our country. There is a book about her story which will soon be a movie, I suggest reading her story. She’s a huge inspiration to me, I think about her and her story everyday.


Q: When did you first realize that you were an artist? Was it a conscious choice or did you have an “Aha!” moment?


A: I was about 5 years old, my uncle and I lived in the same apartment. During this time he was an architect student at UIC. Laying around the apartment were his books, drawings, models, and art. I remember I took one look at all this amazing stuff, and said to myself, “Oh, yeah! This is for me! I want to create!” I’ve been an art and design addict ever since.


Q: What are you trying to convey with your current work?


A: I’ve always tried to convey and promote the idea of exploration through my art work. I want to capture that excitement you get while discovering something new, or completing something you’ve never done before. In my work you’ll see what I’m exploring at the moment whether it be an Idea, color, form, or environment.


“Explorations” opens on Friday, June 5 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Allen + Pepa Architects, 121 W. Benton St. in downtown Aurora. Free trolley rides stop at the northeast corner of Benton and River Streets from 7 to 10 p.m.