Backthird Throws Party for New Adventures

Backthird Audio

We’re saying so long to the Backthird studio – and to founder Benjie Hughes, who leaves for Boston August 1 – with a night of music and revelry at Backthird Audio starting at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 10.

The party will take an “open house” format at 67 S. Stolp Ave. Stop by after work, or wait and join us later in the evening. We’ll have a few snacks and a cash bar. RSVP here.

We’ll also show a brief retrospective of Backthird photo and video at 6 pm and again at 9 pm. Benjie’s quartet, Twin Strings, will play a little music just for fun. And if you’ve got any favorite Backthird stories to share, we’ll give you a chance to do that as well.

After the party is over, Backthird is packing up and moving their wedding services to an office in Geneva. The recording studio is being shuttered, but their DJ and wedding music services will remain.

Keep up with Benjie here.

So, what’s moving into the Backthird space? Artist Kit Sunderland is moving her studio and her family to the spot.

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