Architectural Walking Tour

Aurorans have a long tradition of creating and commissioning architecturally and artistically significant buildings and sculptures. From the G.A.R. – a Civil War Memorial built circa 1877 – to the awe-inspiring Isacc2 (“Swimming Stones”) sculpture built in 2001, Aurora is something to see.

Think of downtown as an outdoor architectural museum. On display, you’ll find everything from modern sculpture to a building constructed using pegged joints and hand-hewn timbers. You’ll also find a movie palace, impressive terra cotta detailing, and the works of locally and internationally renowned architects and artists like J.E. Minott, Eugene Malmer, George Grant Elmslie, Rapp and Rapp, Emory Seidel, and Christian Tobin.

For a self-guided tour of downtown Aurora, look for signs in front of several downtown buildings including The Mayan on the northwest corner of Stolp Avenue and Benton Street and the Silverplate building at the northeast corner of Downer Place and Stolp Avenue. Learn more about the historic buildings on Stolp Island HERE.